Maryland Student Affairs Conference - Friday, February 10, 2017

Please join us for the 41st Maryland Student Affairs Conference. Our theme, "United for One Another" encompasses the unity we feel as a student affairs community filled with diverse members who encourage and uplift one another.

Fostering an inclusive environment takes the form of evolving paths, which grow and shift to meet the needs of our community and reflect the society in which we live. Your unique experiences, combined with your passion and excitement, continually transform our community into a flourishing environment where everyone is respected and positive change is created.

The Maryland Student Affairs Conference is an opportunity for us to come together for purposeful and engaging sessions, collaborative learning, and to participate in meaningful dialogues. We are united in supporting our students, our institutions, our communities, and one another!

We are also excited to announce that this will be the first year that the Maryland Student Affairs Conference is carbon neutral! In support of climate action at UMD, Student Affairs is taking the lead on balancing greenhouse gas emissions by offsetting the estimated emissions from the conference with certified carbon offsets. The greenhouse gas emission sources include participants’ travel to and from the conference, the conference facility’s energy use, and landfilled waste and paper use on the day of the conference. As a bonus, the MSAC planning committee is offsetting UMD participants’ estimated greenhouse gas emissions from commuting to and from work on campus for an entire year. The Division of Student Affairs is committed to promoting sustainable behavior where Terps live, eat, work, and play.


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